21 Halal Gift Ideas For Him

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There are many reasons why you’d want to get your man a halal gift. Whether it’s Eid, anniversary celebration or you just feel like spoiling spoiling him, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled 21 halal Gift ideas that any Muslim man will enjoy.

While you may be expecting religious items such as a subha, however, we took a different direction with this list. We came up with different halal gift ideas that are creative and unique!

Here’s the top 21 Halal Gift Ideas to get him:

1.Thobe12.Gaming Chair
2.Fossil Watch13.Recliner
3.Apple Watch14.Neck & Back Massager
4.Ray Ban Sunglasses15.Massage Gun
5.Smart Mug16.Foot Massager
6.Mini Portable Projector17.Foldable Phone Stabilizer
7.Portable Monitor18.Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer
8.Laser Keyboard Projector19.Laser Engraver
9.Bose QC 35 Bluetooth Headphones20.SpikeBall Game Set
10Language Translator Earbuds21.Indoor Golf Putting Game Set
11.Oculus Quest 2

1- Thobe

Ask any muslim man what’s the most comfortable clothing he has ever worn, and it will undoubtedly be the thobe. Takes seconds to put on, extremely light, and adds some traditional muslim vibes in the home!

The Pretifeel Thobe is very comfortable as it is made from 95% cotton and 5% Polyester. It also comes in many different colors:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Navy Blue
  • White
  • Dark Gray
  • Navy Blue

Check out the Pretifeel Thobe on Amazon (link to Amazon)

2- Fossil Watch

A watch is an accessory every man ought to have and you can never go wrong with a Fossil watch. The Townsman’s Stainless Steel leather watch has a 1960s era look and is blended perfectly with a modern design. If the light brown shade is not your mans favorite color, you can choose a different shade of brown to match his style.

Check out the Fossil Men’s Townsman Stainless Steel Watch on Amazon (link to Amazon)

3- Apple Watch

Maybe a classic watch is not his style. Perhaps your man is getting into fitness and has a busy lifestyle which requires him to have a smart watch to keep up with the world. The Apple watch will definitely help him keep up with his fitness goals, messages, and much more.

Here are some tech specs your man will definitely appreciate:

  • GPS (allowing him to take calls and reply to texts)
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Workout tracker (measures activities like running, walking, cycling, swimming)
  • Water resistance (up to 50 meters)

Check out the Apple Watch on Amazon (link to Amazon)

4- Ray Ban Sunglasses

What man does not appreciate and look good in a pair of Ray Bans? answer is… no one. These Ray Ban shades comes in many different colors and is a much needed accessory to add to his aresnal. These Ray Ban’s include:

  • UV protection
  • Hand Washable
  • Eye Strain reduction
  • Multiple size options
  • Case & lens cloth
  • Durability: They are made from strong lightweight acetate construction.

Check out the Ray Ban Sunglaases on Amazon (link to Amazon)

5- Smart Mug

This one is for the coffee addicts! This smart mug keeps your mans coffee warm at the temperature he likes thanks to the double vacuum insulation technology. A press of button allows him to increase or decrease the temperature of the coffee so that he’s enjoying every sip.

This cool and modern mug can be washed easily, just like any mug. Remember though, the pad that the mug sits on does not act as a wireless phone charger, so please don’t try charging your phone on the pad!

Check out the Vistoo Smart Mug on Amazon (link to Amazon)

6- Mini Portable Projector

Is your favorite person always on the go? If he’s always in the outdoors and feels like having a movie night or casting his phone on a screen, well look no further, the AKASO mini projector has got him covered! It’s small and lightweight, so he can take it anywhere!

If he doesn’t want to miss his favorite sport game while on the go, this projector is a great solution! He can easily connect the mini projector via a USB, hdmi, Micro SD. He can also connect it to his smartphone and gaming console.

Check out the AKASO mini Projector on Amazon (link to Amazon)

7 – Portable Monitor

Speaking of being on the go, sometimes a second screen is much needed. Especially after the lockdown, most people are either working from home or working on the go. However, it can be painful to work outside of the home office because a lot of us rely on a second screen. This is where the Lepow monitor comes in!

This 15.6 Inch Full HD screen connects to a laptop through an HDMI or USB Type C port. He can connect this second screen to his laptop, smartphone, PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, or Switch etc. It’s really great for doing work while travelling!

It’s also very easy for him to pack, its only 0.3 inches wide and weighs 1.76 pounds. It also comes with a stand cover allowing him to mount the screen with ease along with a screen protector!

Check out the Lepow Portable Monitor on Amazon (link to Amazon)

8- Laser Keyboard Projector

We sometimes really have to work on the go and work off our phones. It can be really annoying to type for long periods of time on a phone.

This wireless keyboard projector is one of those gadgets that makes one look like they’re in the year 3020! This laser keyboard projector is so small that he can fit it in his pocket! It accurately detects the keys and he can mount his phone on the projector with ease. He can connect it easily to his phone via bluetooth.

Check out the Holographic Laser Keyboard Projector on Amazon (link to Amazon)

9- Bose QC 35 Bluetooth Headphones

Whether your man is listening to his favorite podcast, playing his favorite game, or attending remote work meetings, the Bose QC 35s headphones has got him covered. These headphones have world-class noise cancellation giving him more clarity for when he’s listening.

It has noise-rejecting dual microphones which allows for the person on the phone with him to only listen to his voice and cancel any background noise. The quality of sound that comes out of these headphones is pretty much unmatched. He can easily pair it to his phone via the Bose app.

Check out the Holographic Bose QC 35s on Amazon (link to Amazon)

10 – Language Translator Earbuds

Looking to travel around the globe with him? The TimeKettle Language translator earbuds will make interacting with locals much easier.

Say you’re in France and neither you or your man speak French, all you have to do is wear one of the ear buds and give the other ear bud to the french local you’re trying to speak with. You speak english while the receiver listens to what you said in French.

A great gift for him while he’s travelling!

Check out the TimeKettle Language Translator Earbuds on Amazon (link to Amazon)

11- Oculus Quest 2

The Virtual Reality experience is a truly a great gift. He can conquer leaderboards, crush workouts, and more in a different world.

The 3D cinematic sound allows him to stay focused on the game and further enhances the virtual reality experience. He can also cast the headset to the TC so you can both experience the game!

Check out the Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon (link to Amazon)

12- Gaming Chair

Let’s face it, whether you’re a gamer or not, gaming chairs look cool! It definitely adds a certain aesthetic to his gaming set up at home. Gaming chairs have evolved in the past few years, and as time passed the features have also been upgraded.

The Respawn gaming chair provides great ergonomic comfort thanks to its padded design. Luxury design, comfort, and practicality make this a great halal gift to get him! It also includes a RESPAWN limited warranty giving you more peace of mind!

Check out the Respawn Gaming Chair on Amazon (link to Amazon)

13- Recliner

Ask a panel of 100 men if they’d love to have a recliner at home and all 100 of them would say, YES! There’s no feeling like finishing a long day at work and just lying down on a recliner!

The Divanco recliner has a side handle for an easy recline option. It’s durable as it is made from a hardwood/metal frame. It’s extra wide design and padding makes it very comfortable.

Check out the Respawn Gaming Chair on Amazon (link to Amazon)

14 – Neck & Back Massager

What goes great with a recliner ? a neck and back massager! Does he complain about his tight and sore msucles? This gadget is a great way to alleviate the pain. It saves time and money from having to going to a masseuse!

It’s multipurpose meaning it can be used anywhere on the body! It also allows the user to regulate the heat for extra relaxation!

Check out the Resteck neck and back massager on Amazon (link to Amazon)

15 – Massage Gun

A massage gun will help relieve pain, muscle soreness, stifness that is typically cause by workouts. This massage gun has 4 adjustable speed levels and has 15 massage heads allowing him to reach every muscle.

Massage guns help decompose lactic acid and help promote circulation.

Check out the DARKIRON Massage Gun on Amazon (link to Amazon)

16- Foot Massager

Does your man work a physicall demanding job? Tired of giving him all those foot rubs? well let this foot massager do the work!

It gets a deep massage on the bottom of your feet while airbags gently create pressure on the top of your feet and around your ankles. It effectively relieves pain, plantar fasciitis and increases relaxation.

Check out the Etekcity Foot Massager on Amazon (link to Amazon)

17- Foldable Phone Stabilizer

This smartphone gadget will take his outdoor photography to the next level. A great gift for him if he’s into photography! This phone stabilizer will eliminate any shaky videos. It also comes with a tripod to make his videos and photos more stable.

This phone stabilizer also allows him to create amazing cinematic effects in his videos such as:

  • 3D inception
  • Dolly zoom
  • Auto Transitions

All can be done with one tap!

Check out the Hohem Foldable phone Stabilizer on Amazon (link to Amazon)

18- Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

This device connects via bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to print any image on your phone while on the go. it does not use ink and prints images quickly and on demand.

The paper that prints the image can also be peeled and stuck on to any surface. The quality of the images are great!

Check out the Hohem Foldable phone Stabilizer on Amazon (link to Amazon)

Here’s a full review of the wireless portable printer!

19- Laser Engraver

If you’re man is the creative type, then he’ll surely enjoy this halal gift! It’s the world’s smallest portable laser engraver. He can create his sketch, put it on his phone, connect it to the app and start engraving his designs immediately!

He can use it to personalize any item, here are a few examples:

  • Food (i.e macaroons)
  • Case cover (i.e apple earbuds)
  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • Leather

Check out the Laser Pecker Laser Engraver on Amazon (link to Amazon)

20 – SpikeBall Game Set

SpikeBall is a new outdoor game that has been gaining popularity like wildfire! It’s a great halal gift for him to enjoy in the outdoors. The rules of the game are easy to follow and it will definitely have him break a sweat!

Check out the SpikeBall Game Set on Amazon (link to Amazon)

21- Indoor Golf Putting Game Set

Indoor Golf putting is a great way to relieve stress during work hours or any other time! This game set can be placed anywhere in the home and does not take long to set up! it comes with 12 holes and allows 2 people to play against each other.

A great halal gift for him and a great date night activity!

Check out the 2-FNS Golf Putting Game Set on Amazon (link to Amazon)

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