About Us

Welcome to Halal Guidance, your number one source for all things Halal. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best information about whether things are halal or not, with a focus on food, finance, and lifestyle. We do this by carefully researching every topic to the T.

Having lived in Middle Eastern countries, we never had to ask whether doing this or that or eating something was halal or not. We started this site to help folks living in North America navigate through life while still maintaining a halal lifestyle. Having lived in North America for a decade, making decisions on what to eat, what to spend money on, and other lifestyle choices were difficult as we constantly asked ourselves “is that halal?”.

We also started this site as we were looking for an ultimate source that was informative and able to answer the hundreds of questions we had. Till this day, we did not find one single reliable source to answer all of our questions.

We really do understand the struggle, and therefore decided to do something about it. Our long term goal with this website is that anyone living in North America can land on our site and make an educated decision on whether eating a specific food, or making a specific investment is halal or not.

You’ll notice that we did not specify that we will tell you whether or not something is Halal. This is for good reason. We understand that people have different thresholds as to whether they consider something halal or not.

Furthermore, there are 4 main schools of Islam and they do sometimes have conflicting opinions on whether something is halal or not. One other important thing to note is that we do not have a Shaikh on on our team to answer the hundreds of questions our muslim community has for us.

Therefore, we do our best to provide you with all the information that’s out there to help YOU make the final decision as to whether you consider something halal or not.

We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy writing the content and keeping you informed.

Looking to contact the Halal Guidance team? Reach out to us at halalguidance@gmail.com