About Us

Welcome to Halal Guidance, your number one source for all things Halal. I am dedicated to giving you the very best information about whether things are halal or not, with a focus on food, finance, and lifestyle. We do this by carefully researching every topic to the T.

This blog is owned and managed by myself, Amr El Sherif. I was born and raised in the middle east and has lived in North America since 2011. Having lived in Middle Eastern countries, we never had to ask whether doing this or that or eating something was halal or not. This site was started to help folks living in North America navigate through life while still maintaining a halal lifestyle.

Having lived in North America for more than a decade, making decisions on what to eat, what to spend money on, and other lifestyle choices are difficult.

I started this site as he was looking for an ultimate source that was informative and able to answer the hundreds of questions he had. Till this day, I did not find one single reliable source to answer all of our questions.

I really do understand the struggle, and therefore decided to do something about it. The long term goal with this website is that anyone living in North America can land on our site and make an educated decision on whether eating a specific food, or making a specific investment is halal or not.

You’ll notice that, at times, I did not specify whether or not something is Halal. This is for good reason. I understand that people have different thresholds as to whether they consider something halal or not.

Furthermore, there are 4 main schools of Islam and they do sometimes have conflicting opinions on whether something is halal or not.

Therefore, I do my best to provide you with all the information to help YOU make the final decision as to whether you consider something halal or not.

We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy writing the content and keeping you informed.

What Qualifies Adam to Write Content About Halal Food & Lifestyle

While I grew up in the Middle East, that alone is not enough to qualify me to approve the blog posts that go live on the site. I spent the last 2 years doing rigorous research on food ingredients and has experience in identifying the commonly used ingredients by companies which may make their foods non-permissible for Muslims to eat. This also involves personally reaching out to companies and inquiry about their products to check their “halal status”.

If the articles on the site are not food related, careful research is done and educated decisions are made to give recommendations on what’s considered halal or not. Asking professionals and learning from sheikhs is a vital component of developing content on Halal Guidance.

Looking to contact me? Contact me at halalguidance@gmail.com