Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal?

Jar of Nutella Chocolate Spread
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Who hasn’t heard of Nutella? It’s craved and enjoyed by many. Not only is it found in grocery stores, it’s in many different desserts. Given it’s popularity, we wanted to get a confirmation on whether Nutella chocolate spread is halal or not

After contacting Ferrero (Manufacturer of Nutella chocolate spread and the owner of the Nutella Brand), Ferrero (Owner of Nutella) confirmed to us that Nutella Chocolate Spread is Halal certified. Furthermore, Nutella ingredients are majority plant-based with some milk.

To determine whether Nutella is halal or not, we contacted Ferrero (the owner of the Nutella Brand) and the manufacturer of the Nutella chocolate spread to find out whether it is halal or not. Furthermore, we examined the ingredient list to find out if there are any questionable ingredients.

We Contacted Ferrero (Owner of the Nutella Brand) On Whether Nutella is Halal or Not

The first step to examine whether Nutella chocolate spread is halal or not was to contact the manufacturer and owner company, Ferrero.

For full transparency, here’s what we said when we reached out to them.


Hope your day is going well.

I wanted to know if Nutella chocolate spread is halal? if not, what’s the ingredient used that does not make it halal?

Thank you, much appreciated!!

Halal Guidance Team

A Ferrero consumer relations representative got back to us saying the following:

Hello and thank you for taking the time to contact us about Nutella®. Our Nutella is Halal certified if it is made in our Canada facility. The country of origin is listed on the back label of the jar.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. We hope that you will continue to enjoy our fine products.


Ferrero Consumer Relations

Their response put us at ease as it confirmed to us that Nutella Chocolate Spread is in fact halal. For people living in the USA and Canada, this is great news.

One thing to note is that people living in Middle Eastern Muslim countries should not worry about whether Nutella is halal or not because each country regulates the products allowed into the country to make sure that all the ingredients are halal.

For people living in North America, that’s not always the case. Therefore, people living in the USA or Canada can eat Nutella without guilt!

According to Nutella’s Tweet From September 14th 2020, all Nutella sold worldwide is halal.

Let’s move on to the ingredients list to make sure there are no questionable ingredients.

Nutella Chocolate Spread Ingredient List

Here’s Nutella’s full ingredients list (source):

  • Sugar
  • Palm Oil
  • Hazelnuts (13%)
  • Skimmed Milk Powder (8.7%)
  • Fat-reduced cocoa (7.4%)
  • Emulsifier: lecithin (soya)
  • Vanillin

The ingredient list above proves that Nutella is in fact Halal. All the Ingredients used are plant based and milk based. Both of which do not conflict with a halal diet. Once more, this further confirms that Nutella chocolate spread is halal.


I am a Muslim that has been living in North America for more than a decade. I am keen on knowing which foods, lifestyle choices, and financial decisions that are halal or not. I enjoy sharing this information with my readers and do the research myself so that readers don't have to.

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