Is Trident Gum Halal?

Trident Gum - is it halal
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Like us, many people just grab their gum at the counter before paying for the groceries. It’s just gum, you wouldn’t think it may not be halal. However, it’s always safe to confirm if any food is halal before consuming it to make sure you stay on a halal diet.

After contacting Mondelēz, the owner of the Trident gum brand, and doing our own research, we could not find any evidence that would make Trident gum haram (not halal). The ingredients used to make this gum are halal by nature.

We Contacted Mondelēz (Owner of The Trident Gum Brand) To Find Out If Their Gum Is Halal

We contacted the owner of the Trident Gum brand, Mondelēz, to find out if Trident Gum is halal or not. Here’s what we asked them:


Hope your day is going well.

I was wondering if Trident gum (all flavors) are halal?

If you’re unsure, does it contain any animal products (i.e Gelatin from pork) or any alcohol?

Thank you, much appreciated

Halal Guidance Team

They responded by saying:


Thank you for visiting our website.

Please note that none of our products are certified vegetarian, vegan or Halal even though some products may fit those categories. Certain ingredients, like glycerin, may be sourced from plants or animals.

We understand that knowing what ingredients are in the food products you eat directly affect how you practice your religion/dietary lifestyle, and Mondelez International does all that it can to assist its consumers in making educated food decisions.

As you can imagine our products change frequently and maintaining a list of products for specific dietary practices would be virtually impossible.

We ask that our consumers take the time to check the ingredient statement on the package prior to purchasing a product.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) carefully supervises the production of gelatin. During the production process, gelatin changes chemically so that the final product is not the same in composition or identity as it was in the original protein form. Because of this, gelatin isn’t considered a meat by the United States Government. If you need more information about Gelatin, we would recommend contacting the FDA directly at

Hopefully this information was helpful. Again, thank you for contacting Mondelez International.

Mondelēz Customer Service Representative

We definitely appreciated that they responded to us, but we found their response rather vague. They are right in that if something is not “halal certified” it does not mean their products are actually not halal. It just means the company has not invested in getting a halal certification through organizations like IFANCA.

Their response was open-ended but this makes sense since they’re trying to legally protect themselves, but it does not help us really answer the question.

So we had to roll up our sleeves and look at the ingredients list to find out if there is any suspicious ingredients that may make it not halal.

Trident Gum Ingredients – Is It Really Halal?

We found the list of ingredients on the original flavor sugar free Trident gum on Amazon:

  • Sorbitol
  • Gum base
  • Xylitol, glycerin
  • Natural and artificial flavor; less than 2% of: acesulfame potassium, aspartame, bht (to maintain freshness)
  • Mannitol
  • Soy lecithin
  • Sucralose

Looking at the ingredients alone, as non-food Scientists, we could not identify a single ingredient that makes Trident gum not halal.

Where to Buy Trident Gum

If you still feel comfortable consuming Trident gum, here’s where to buy it!

Check out Trident Gum on Amazon (link to Amazon)


I am a Muslim that has been living in North America for more than a decade. I am keen on knowing which foods, lifestyle choices, and financial decisions that are halal or not. I enjoy sharing this information with my readers and do the research myself so that readers don't have to.

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