List of Halal Gummies – Top 15 [2023 Update]

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If you live in a non-muslim country or in the west (US & Canada), finding halal gummies to eat isn’t always so easy if you’re following a halal diet.

Companies in America and Canada commonly use ingredients such as pork based gelatin or beef gelatin that has not been slaughtered in accordance to Islamic law.

It can be frustrating to sift through hundreds of gummies at Walmart to look for one brand that does not have any questionable or haram ingredient.

To help alleviate some of this stress, I’ve compiled a list of halal gummies.

It’s worth noting that none of the brands below are halal certified, but the ingredients in the gummies below have been vetted for known haram ingredients or are halal by nature because most of them are vegan or vegetarian friendly.

List of Halal Gummies

Halal Gummy BrandWhere To Buy
1.Haribo Gummy Bear (Made in Turkey)
2.Sour Patch Kids Strawberries
3.Kervan Assorted Gummy Sharks
4.Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
5.Luehders Gummi’s Vegan Red Berries
6.Project 7 Low Sugar Sour Fruit Gummy Bears
7.Pink Panda Gummies
8.Wholesome Cinnamon Organic Bears
9.Smart Sweets Sweet Fish
10.Yum Earth Organic Fruit Snack GummiesAmazon
11.Swedish Fish
13.Maynards Swedish Berries Gummies
14.TWIZZLERS Twists Strawberry Flavored Candy
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15.Twizzlers Bites Cherry Flavored Candy
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How To Know Which Gummy Brand is Halal Or Not

You may be wondering, how on earth do these people even know how these Gummies are halal.

Well, it really comes down to a few ingredients that you need to look out for.

Here are the main things to look out for when trying to find out whether the pack of gummies you’re looking to eat is halal or not.

1. Gelatin vs Pectin

Gelatin and Pectin are a common ingredient in gummy bears and other candies. They are flavorless and colorless and dissolve in warm water. It gives the gummy the jelly-like texture.

Gelatin is derived from fish, pork, or beef parts. However, companies that make gummies in the US & Canada typically use pork gelatin which is forbidden for Muslims to consume.

Beef Gelatin is typically considered halal ONLY if the cow or calf was slaughtered in accordance to Islamic law. Check out our recent post, how halal meat is slaughtered and prepared, if you’d like to learn more about process of halal slaughtering.

Kosher Gelatin in Gummy bears is not common, but Kosher Gelatin is most times halal for Muslims to consume. We wrote an article looking into whether Kosher Gelatin is halal or not if you’re interested!

Pectin is a naturaly produced ingredient in jellies, jams, and gummies that does the same job as gelatin in that it provides the jelly-like structure.

Unlike Gelatin, Pectin is always vegan and halal friendly because it is derived from apples and citrus fruits (source).

An example of a common candy that includes pectin would be Twizzlers (strawberry flavor). Find out which Twizzlers are halal and which ones are not.

2. Ethanol Alcohol

This may not be a very obvious one, but some companies use alcohol when processing gummies.

Some Muslims do not have a problem with that because they believe that small traces of alcohol (used to process the food or for fermentation) is permissible to consume because consuming a lot of it is still not enough to intoxicate you (source).

While others disagree.

If you’re on the fence, it’s always wise to just stay away from it.

The halal gummies above do not contain traces of alcohol as per the listed ingredients on their packaging.

3. Alcohol-Free Vegan Gummies Are Safe To Eat

This is self explanatory. If the Gummy bears you’re looking to devour does not have any alcohol (a lot of gummy bears do not contain alcohol) then you’re safe to eat it!

Learn more about whether a vegan or vegetarian diet is always considered halal.

4. Fish Gelatin is Permissible for Muslims to Eat

Most Islamic scholars from all 4 Islamic sects agree that the majority of fish is halal for Muslims to Eat. It’s not uncommon to find fish gelatin in gummy bears or other candy.

So if you can confirm that the Gummy bears contain ONLY fish gelatin, then you’re good to go!

If you’re looking for other halal snacks, check out our complete list of halal chips that you can add to your snacks list!

Learn more about whether Tuna, Shrimp, crab are considered halal or not.


I am a Muslim that has been living in North America for more than a decade. I am keen on knowing which foods, lifestyle choices, and financial decisions that are halal or not. I enjoy sharing this information with my readers and do the research myself so that readers don't have to.

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